About FRI

We’re all about the good sh*t!

Our FRI features designers, artists, visionaries and tastemakers and what they are recommending across a variety of lifestyle categories, everything from where to shop, eat and drink, to what to read, watch, listen to and a whole lot in-between.

FRI birth

It was 2010, I had just hatched my first sprogling 8 months prior & was fantasising about an escape from the daily thunder of my new role as mother. I asked a very arty friend of mine if she had any recommendations. She did, I went and it was utter magic. Spot on in every respect.

Ever the schemer, within 5 hours of landing my feet in just the place she had suggested I do, I was at the bar, sketching out and idea on a stack of turgid bar napkins for a one-stop recco shop. I wanted a place where we could all go to search, store and share our highly prized lifestyle recommendations.  Not a trip advisor filled with strangers’ ideas of terrific, but a safe haven where I could dip into and search through the profiles of my beloved and influential.  I wanted a place to discover lifestyle recommendations that would save me the effort of a search through the wilds of a search engine and directly to the magic!

7 years and 3 kids later I finally have the time to give this beast & with only a whiff of a budget and a mountain range of an idea, I’ve set about creating a searchable platform where YOU can grab vetted recommendations, not created by faceless strangers, but distinguished visionaries and their friends.

The idea is fairly simple, these people have either been passed the baton by a former FRIer or we have discovered them along the way. FRI covets individuals and organisations doing something noteworthy and just ever so slightly off the well beaten paths. In the feature we gather their recommendations that we call FRIs. We are trying to avoid the obvious and deliver up some goodies that might have escaped you.

We’ve been honored to feature some fabulous entrepreneurs and doers including a founder of a charity, a perfumer, an iconic model, several designers, artists, chefs, filmmakers, fashionistas and editors. Each FRIer is given 3 FRI batons to pass to friends and like that our little FRI network has began to grow into a small forest of wonder!

I get an electric spark like a kid opening a Christmas present each time I open an e-mail and learn who our FRIer has passed their batons to. And I cannot describe the delight when for example that Netflix movie or book which had been recommended turns out to be a mind bender! It’s such an unbelievable joy to have FRI as it is and I cannot wait for the next phase!

Help us raise this baby!

The vision is for FRI to become more than just a place where we feature these incredible people. We want EVERYONE to be on FRI sharing, storing and searching out FRIs of those they trust, be it beloved brand our best friend.

See what your friends & trusted names love!

The next step for us is to build a platform which will allow us all to create our own profiles and start storing & sharing what we love. A decent red, a charming bolt hole for a perfect weekend escape, a must watch TED or a book you think is well worth a read. I’ll let you imagine how easy buying presents will become in the future with everyone’s’ favorites all easy to find in their profiles.

 We want you to be able to:

  • Easily store the bits you love.
  • Enjoy a news feed filled with the latest FRIs from your network.
  • Send FRI requests out to get some recommendations in.
  • Create customisable groups so your FRIs are being seen by the right set of eyes.
  • Set expiry dates to keep your FRIs relevant.
  • Enjoy flexible search so you can discover FRIs for the things you care about.
  • Send invites to friends to join FRI and see your FRIs.
  • Set privacy settings so only the FRIs you want to share can be seen by eyes you’re happy to have them seen by.
  • Get notified when you are near something your trusted network has FRIed