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Noble Carriage is an online baby brand featuring 100% sustainable and organic clothing, accessories, home décor and toys. Launched in October 2014, Jennifer Long created Noble Carriage to help moms find baby clothing that is not only adorable and chic, but also good for their baby and the planet.

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After being exposed to the harmful effects the fashion industry was having on the planet, Jen realized this extended to baby products – and set out to launch a company that would help educate consumers and encourage a change in the way people shopped for their babies and kids. With conventional, non-organic cotton being one of the most widely grown and chemical intensive crops in the world, Jen knew that most parents wouldn’t want to place them against a baby’s skin all day long – and instead, would prefer organic, untreated clothing free of chemicals and unbelievably soft.

Today, Noble Carriage offers high-quality, design-driven baby apparel, accessories, toys and furniture that inspire healthy living for parents and baby. On a mission to help simplify living a healthy life, Noble Carriage celebrates parents and brands who are active in the healthy living movement. With intensive research and strict criterion, each product the brand carries must meet at least 3 of 5 “Noble” standards: 100% certified organic, fair trade, made in the USA, locally made and/or handmade. Establishing Noble Carriage as the go-to boutique for organic baby clothing and gifts, the brand regularly features exclusive collaborations with companies such as Hazel Village, Briar Handmade, Jess Brown, Billie Blooms, Dainty Cheeks and Little Minis.

Prior to founding Noble Carriage, Jen worked as an award-winning graphic designer at San Francisco-based Hub Strategy. She also co-founded the made in the USA bow tie brand, Tasty Ties, where she developed the brand from the ground up and learned first hand about manufacturing consumer products.


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