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We are two best friends, Meg Abbott and Issy Croker, who tell stories of the people of the food world. Issy is a photographer and I am a writer, and together we have traveled the world exploring food culture and the characters behind it for magazines like SUITCASE, Time Out, Food52, Life & Thyme and Root + Bone. We also live together, which means we spend 95% of our time together!

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The delicious duet that is Issey & Meg have dished out some of their treasured favourites this week and I’m really doing little girlie jumps in excitement.

These two make up the culinary uncoverings of the stellar blog The Curious Pear. With an eye for finding heart, soul and innovation in the kitchen they explore London, lifting lids on the incredible talent both here and sharing their adventures across far flung landscapes. Their discoveries are featured in some of my favourite food & travel rags, namely SUITCASE and LIFE & THYME and the bigger names like TIME OUT and FOOD & WINE.

They are really a rather magical double act and we are honoured to have them both deliver their cherry picked lifestyle favourites. Dig into these delights!

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