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ULRICH LANG NEW YORK FRAGRANCES was created in 2002 when former L'Oreal Excecutive and Art Lover Ulrich Lang partnered up with long time friend Britt Biegelsen. Contemporary photography by artists such as Katy Grannan, Olivia Bee and Matthew Porter has inspired the development and packaging of each of the 6 fragrances in the current product line. Combining simplicity with sophistication ULRICH LANG NEW YORK can be found in selective retail worldwide, including Barneys NewYork, Liberty London, nose Paris and 10 Corso Como Milano.

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They call him Uli & his charms are so potent that in one e-mail alone you’re quite sure he might be your new best friend. How do people do that? Uli comes to us through a baton pass from a rather steady spring of magic who goes by the name Antoinette Wysocki Sanchez, artist & former FRIer.

As per the usual routine when the baton is passed I dive in like a kid at Christmas ripping open carefully wrapped parcels. There he was my new sparkling piece of bling! A parfumier! Who knows one of these? This is my first.

As a scent fanatic I had to smell more. Like pheromones the chosen notes all orchestrate clues to personality. I hoped his would be happy and somehow intriguingly complicated. So, as I happened to be in NYC when he came through, Uli pointed me to the desk at Barney’s where I sleuthed my way to the spot where a collection of 5 understated but handsome little glass bottles stood waiting for a new home. I handed over the plastic & took home one of my favourite all time fragrances called APSU, my other best loved is the Geranium number at Diptyque to give you an idea of what I lean towards. So, although I’ve never met the man or spoken to him I feel like I know the man…his FRIs should fill in any missing gaps quite nicely. Enjoy!

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