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I started photography on the side shortly after modeling, then it became a job with agents, then had my first solo show in a Chelsea art gallery, not too long after that I dove in a little deeper, and decided to buy a house upstate with a double garage and started to work on sculpture - wood and metal. I’ve been spending every minute I can in that space for over two years now. I’m currently finishing up works now and a website should be up and running in a few weeks.

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Christina comes to us via a baton pass from NYC based perfumier Ulrich Lang. I did mention his charms in his post and it’s really no surprise that he holds some very beautiful and inspiring company!

You have seen her face for some time now, well, she’s very much all grown up now and like many of us, lives a very full life of a working mother. Loving your work does make a difference and so it’s more than cheekbones here with Christina, this ethereal beauty and doer is living with heart. She’s generously opened her vaults of favourites is her FRI feature. Dig in!

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