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I was born in Canada to Southern Italian parents, with roots in Latin America. From as far back as I can recall food has been a part of my life. I have stowed away some great food and drink memories; some feature my dad giving us sips from his Stubby Beer bottle (I’m dating myself) while others involve poking the eye of a boiled cow’s head. I grew up in a home where the kitchen was like the community centre, all the action seemed to be there and it’s where, year by year my family, especially my mother, passed to me their culinary passion and skill.

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Aldo is a dear old friend & one of those people that have inspired me to build OUR FRI. You will have a friend like him if you’re lucky. He’s that person you always check in with before heading to Paris or New York to bleed dry their recommendations for food & drink. He’s that friend I get whatsapp messages from which are loaded up with recommended listens. I trust his opinions blindly.

I was in L.A. earlier in November and snapped the main feature shot of him and our collective herd. While we sat drinking on the beach together (life in L.A. ughhh) he showed me several messages from friends travelling who, like I, had solicited his razor sharp words on where to dine. This list is just the tip of a colossal iceberg. Aside from being a very successful chef and restaurateur, he’s wildly creative and a real Faith Popcorn style visionary. Enjoy this stellar selection…

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